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Law enforcement and private investigative agencies are continuously in need of personnel who are knowledgeable in the various aspects of forensic investigation. The American Institute of Applied Science exists to aid in fulfilling this need.

The American Institute of Applied Science developed the home-study correspondence course expressly for students who work full-time or are active in other full-time educational programs. Students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, without strict deadlines.

The courses offered are designed to teach, in an accessible format, criminology and basic forensics to students who are new to the subject, or to experienced investigators who are interested in using the information to complement their on-the-job experiences.

Thousands of men and women have achieved professional success as well as personal fulfillment in careers which began with graduation from the American Institute of Applied Science. Thousands of AIAS graduates are law enforcement professionals who hold important positions in the field of criminal identification and forensic science. Over 350 law enforcement agencies throughout the world accept or require this program for positions in identification bureaus and crime labs.

Our student body includes students from all across the United States and from many foreign countries. Our training in the field of fingerprints has been accepted by the Latent Print Examiners Certification Board of the International Association for Identification, the world's largest association of I.D. Specialists.

In the twenty-first century, more and more graduates of the American Institute of Applied Science will find themselves uniquely qualified to compete in a rapidly evolving global marketplace. Why wait any longer? Now is an excellent time to invest in the future—to reassess career directions, personal interests and talents.

Our Mission
The American Institute of Applied Science (AIAS) is a traditional print-based distance learning institution committed to providing quality distance education programs to students interested in learning about or perfecting their skills in basic forensic science and criminal investigation. Goals/Objectives: The goal of the American Institute of Applied Science (AIAS) is to provide up-to-date, comprehensive and cost effective information and practical exercises that will: :

  1. Train men and women not currently engaged in law enforcement or a protective service to perform the basic duties of an identification technician or investigator effectively and capably; and
  2. To offer those already employed in such a position the requisite training for their vocational upgrading and continuing professional learning requirements. The programs of the American Institute of Applied Science are entry level courses designed to provide a basic understanding of criminal investigation principles and procedures, and the scientific approaches used in forensic laboratories. They are recommended for those who are considering a career in those fields and for those who have recently acquired positions in law enforcement and related fields. .
The school considers its training program a stimulus for continued study and research while "on-the-job" or before entrance into one of the numerous branches of forensic science.

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