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101F Fingerprint Classification and Identification
This course covers the methodology of locating latent prints and matching latent prints to known prints, and the classification of prints. Modern technology regarding latent print development, alternative light sources and the future of computerized classification are explored. Optional kits are available to complement the written material.

Course objectives
After successfully completing Course 101F, the student will be able to:
• Relate the history of the science of human identification.
• Describe the formation and identification of fingerprints and other significant markings on human fingers.
• Define fingerprint classifications.
• Record and file fingerprints—under normal and unusual circumstances.
• Differentiate ridge characteristics in finger, palm and foot prints.
• Match and interpret fingerprints.
• Describe crime scene procedures, including developing latent prints.
• Prepare court exhibits and present evidence in court.
• Discuss the F.B.I. extensions to the Henry Classification System.
• Conduct post-mortem fingerprint identification.
• Classify fingerprints under the National Crime Information Center Classification System.
• Discuss the latest in fingerprint technology, including lasers and the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).
    26 lessons
    1. The History of Fingerprints
    2. Ridge Formation and Ridge Destruction
    3. Pattern Types and Pattern Interpretation, Loops
    4. Pattern Interpretation—Whorls
    5. Arches, Tented Arches, Ridge Counting, Ridge Tracing
    6. The Fingerprint Kit, Recording Fingerprints
    7. The Fingerprint Card, Unusual Circumstances
    8. Latent Prints, Crime Scene Procedures
    9. Latent Prints—Continued
    10. Primary Classification
    11. The Secondary and Small Letter Subclassifications.
    12. The Subsecondary
    13. The Final
    14. Pattern Interpretation, Review of the Henry Classification
    15. Filing Fingerprint Records
    16. Combinations and Approximating Patterns
    17. Preparing Fingerprint Court Exhibits
    18. F.B.I. Extensions to the Henry System
    19. Classification Practice
    20. The N.C.I.C. Computer Classification System
    21. The Fingerprint Witness in Court, Case Histories
    22. Identification of Palm and Footprints
    23. Bureau Operations and Records
    24. Post Mortem Fingerprinting
    25. Fingerprints and Laser Technology
    26. AFIS—Automated Fingerprint Identification System
    Course 101F (if purchased individually)
    Registration Fee    $25.00
    Tuition    $658.00
    Return Mail, Shipping & Handling    $14.00*
    TOTAL COST of Course 101F    $697.00

    OPTIONAL KITS (see Page 14)

    IAS100 Kit    $68.45 + $8.50 shipping & handling       Total Cost 76.95
    IAS200 Kit    $263.00 + $16.00 shipping & handling    Total Cost 279.95

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